• Connie George

Letter to Our Clients, We're Here for You and #TravelWillBeBack

Updated: Apr 6

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The word I say most to myself over the past few weeks is “Breathe.” We’re certainly in uncharted waters (bad pun intended). Everyone is frustrated and many are feeling isolated and scared. Admittedly I jump back and forth between “confident and strong” to, well, let’s just say not-so-much on the confident and strong. And I’ll admit to some tears.

We’re all in this together. I’m relying on family, friends, colleagues who are in this mess with me and professionals to get through. Reversely, I try to be supportive to many of those same people and others when they are having a weak time and I’m mustering up strength.

On a one-on-one level, I’ve talked with many clients about canceled trips, delayed trips, trips we believe will operate and future trips. Probably because of the strong relationships we have with many clients, some conversations included people’s current struggles. We are continuing to post photos to remind us that not everything is this virus right now. It WILL pass. We will continue to post about trips occasionally, travel tips and gratitude.

For two weeks, we are posting “5 ideas” for things people can do with the extra time they may have to beat boredom. Those ideas are also being accumulated into a blog that will ultimately have all 70 suggestions.

What I want to let you know is that we remain open to assist you by email and phone. We’re not going anywhere. #TravelWillBeBack as it is after every illness, natural disaster, war and terroristic attack. We’re here for you and we WILL all get through this. Wh

Happy Traveling!


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