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National Plan for Vacation Day: Looking Ahead to Brighter Days

Updated: Apr 6

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Connie George Travel Associates is excited to announce that we support National Plan for Vacation Day (NPVD) held on January 26. This is the annual day for Americans to plan their future vacations.

Though many Americans are not ready or able to take a trip just yet, there is a wealth of information, some of which can be found in this fact sheet which says even planning a vacation can increase happiness. In fact, 97% of survey respondents say having a trip planned makes them happier. I’ve heard that from clients for years, saying that they feel calmer and more excited once a trip is being planned in their future. And that’s exactly why I encourage our clients to start working on that future vacation, which may be even more important as a morale booster now than in past years.

NPVD is joining forces with the Let’s Go There initiative to encourage Americans to still plan future vacations and to keep dreaming of their next getaway. Let’s Go There is led by a coalition of businesses and organizations, including many of the most recognizable U.S. brands from both within and outside the travel industry.

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The straight-forward mission of Let’s Go There is perfectly aligned with NPVD: As you plan your future trips, the travel industry is ready to safely welcome you back—when you’re ready. My office has not pushed travel over these past months. What we’ve endeavored to do is to remind people that we are available, that we can offer guidance and non-biased advice. That we can help plan future trips to give you an exciting break to look forward to.

In 2020, the pandemic constraints resulted in Americans using an average of under seven earned vacation days for travel. Survey data shows that 84% of Americans are excited to plan a vacation in the next six months, indicating an impending surge in travel demand once conditions improve. It’s what we’re seeing- pent-up demand. We see it after every significant worldwide event, but more so with Coronavirus because of the longevity of how we’ve been “locked in.”

Demand will continue to grow. Along with that, we will likely see lower maximum occupancy limits. Those who book early will be less likely impacted by disappointment in availability.

Connie George Travel Associates’ agents encourage our clients to continue to adhere to healthy travel practices—whether one is planning a vacation in the short term or for later this year.

This year’s NPVD is taking place amid challenging times, but we can still look forward to—and plan for—brighter days. We are blessed with a vast world offering many vacation experiences to fit various interests. My agency stands ready to help you plan your future vacation or group trip involving a cruise or motorcoach tour.

Happy Traveling!


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