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About Us

Meet Connie George


I accepted a job training as a travel agent in 1978, thinking it would be a “temporary job.”  


Eventually, I realized that I had been led to this industry. I thrive working with people and introducing the world to them. I love seeing people get the mental, emotional or physical break that they need. And to hear of relationships that strengthened and of clients trying new things, broadening their horizons, and exceeding their expectations. Some share that they were able to do things that they never thought they would. I am thrilled to have helped people taste food and experience cultures, to see sights they will never forget, hear sounds they had never realized, and to touch parts of worlds they had barely imagined.​

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How We Can Help You


We specialize in cruise and motorcoach tour vacations. Focusing on these two types of travel enables us to build relationships with suppliers, as well as to concentrate our education and monitoring the news with a focus specifically on what benefits our clients.


We use our skills and experience to assist you with your plans to travel with friends and family.  We guide you through the decisions and details to reach your goal--- a fantastic vacation.


We especially enjoy the challenges of working with cruise groups ranging from 10 guests to over 500 travelers. Our goals with groups are:

  • Make the organizing and planning easier for our group leaders

  • Let each individual know they are important

  • Customize medium to large groups for a unique group program

  • Make our group leaders look like rock stars to their group members 

Get to Know Us by Our Core Values


These are the core values from which Connie George Travel Assoc., LLC operates. These values are considered when taking on new agents, how we work with our clients and the groups we will work with. When working with us, you can expect:


Appreciation - We value our clients, your interests and you entrusting your trip to us. We value our travel industry partners and the destinations to which our clients visit. We are thankful for so many options available to us and our clients and the opportunities brought to us daily.


Commitment - We are committed to our clients and our group leaders. Our business is about making your trip dreams come true and helping you to build memories. We are committed to obtaining the best value for your financial and time budget.  Our commitment is to operate our business with integrity, which includes always treating people with respect.


Creativity - Thinking outside the box is one of our strengths when problem-solving.  Our knack for creativity allows us to successfully customize and negotiate groups.  Creativity combined with perseverance makes things happen! 

Honesty - This is the centerpiece of our business. Our clients can expect that we will be honest in our opinions and in our suggestions for what we feel are in their best interest. 

Relationships- I believe that everything in life is about relationships. We think of that regarding family and friends, but I also feel that every interaction is about relationships and how we interact.  


“Thank you so much for your help and persistence in getting this all worked out.

I should call you the Magician….. which is a terrific thing.”  - Glynn (client)

Meet The Team


Carlos Estela

Lead Group Specialist

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Ana Fink

Group Specialist


Vicki Thorp

Special Projects Consultant


Tracy Cross

Cruise Specialist

Learn how we can help with your cruise or motorcoach tour vacation. ​
Group leaders and travelers wishing to organize 10 or more people. 
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