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We love our group leaders!  We work closely with you to orchestrate the details for your group cruise or escorted tour event.  We especially enjoy customizing aspects of the trip to create a unique experience for your group, with added features not available to other passengers on the same sailing. 


Our goals for you as the group leader are to…

Lighten your load

Guide you to organizing a fantastic event 

Make you look like a group leader rock star!


We have successfully assisted many group leaders who were initially overwhelmed at the unfamiliar task of organizing a group as well as experienced organizers looking for a partner to create the experience they want for their participants.  We’re with you from the beginning through when your trip is over. 


Having worked with groups from 10 people to over 500, we have the expertise needed to get the job done and do it well.  Our 40+ years of skill, training, experience, feedback and industry relationships go into assisting with the details to make your trip special from initial planning through the booking experience of your participants and the culmination of your actual trip. 


The types of groups we’ve worked with include family reunions, siblings’ get-togethers, girlfriend getaways, continuing education conferences, milestone celebrations, fundraisers, retreats, fan cruises and common interest groups. 


Your group could include any or all of the following:
  • Special group rates

  • Added group features such as a cocktail or theme parties, talent show, cabin gifts

  • Group leader earns credit toward his or her trip

  • Agency escort to organize and trouble-shoot

  • Pre- and post-cruise hotel packages and events

  • Added private shipboard events

  • Private customized shore excursions

  • Group dining

  • Group photo

  • Participant gifts 

  • Added fun and camaraderie that comes with people traveling together


Ways in which we can assist our group leaders:
  • Provide quotes based on your interests

  • Discuss Group Leader Credit incentives

  • Create group with supplier(s)

  • Provide dedicated travel consultant or consultant team to your group

  • Handle all ongoing communications with supplier(s)

  • Provide marketing support

  • Assist in organizing your group

  • Handle communications with your participants

  • Provide a private Facebook discussion area

  • Arrange shipboard events

  • Arrange private shore excursions

  • Provide an agency escort

  • Deliver group reports 

For your participants, we will:​
  • Handle all individual bookings

  • Assist with personal concerns and needs

  • Handle individual payments to supplier(s)

  • Facilitate any special needs or requests

  • Quote travel insurance and handle purchases

  • Handle auxiliary services as applicable (i.e. transfers, hotels, etc.)

  • Provide detailed confirmations

  • Provide ongoing guidance, trip-related updates and tips

  • Forward paper or electronic travel documents


Do you have at least 10 people (5+ cabins or rooms) planning to travel together?

Complete our Group Leader Request Form here

Upon receipt, we will set up a Complimentary Consultation Call. This gives us a chance to get to know each other, learn more about what you are looking for and create a beginning plan. This call normally takes 30-45 minutes. By the time we finish the call, we will have an overall plan and able to begin researching your group’s trip.

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