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What our client asked for:

Jean and her husband had previously booked cruises and a tour of Italy through our agency. They now wanted to go to Ireland. Having mentioned it to some newer friends they’d recently met on the Italy trip as well as some longtime friends, she was coming across people who wanted to join them. They were looking for an escorted motorcoach tour which included Kinsale in County Cork and which included a lot of details so people could just go and have fun. Other than inviting friends and talking up the trip, she was not looking to be a “group leader.”


What we booked for them:

CIE Tours has one of the best reputations for Ireland tours and had an itinerary with Kinsale that included a lot of sightseeing and features.  We negotiated a group contract and worked closely with CIE to be sure all details were covered. We worked with each person inquiring to build excitement about the trip, cover details, address questions and provide a positive pre-trip experience so they could board their plane knowing that they could be confident in having a great trip.  Ultimately, 30 people enjoyed each other’s company as they experienced their journey through Ireland. 


Their testimonial:

“My husband and I wanted a tour of Ireland that included Kinsale and we wanted to invite new friends from a previous Perillo Tour.  I was a little nervous about the responsibility and extra work of organizing a group. Connie gave me options along with the recommendation of using CIE Tours.  (close “)


“She also made being a “group leader” easy. I just had to spread the word about the Ireland tour and I connected two single travelers, so they could share rooms for the week. Everyone contacted Connie George Travel Associates directly, and the agency handled all of the bookings and payments. Connie had everything covered before we left, and CIE did a great job while we were there. Everyone had a wonderful time together!”


Jean M.


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