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  • Why should I book my travel through you?
    A professional travel advisor is your best support system when booking your travel plans. We use our education, skill, experience and industry network to be your personal travel planner and advocate. We eat, sleep and breath travel. We also recognize that each traveler has different preferences and interests, and that there are no “one size fits all” vacation solutions. As one client recently told us, “Your expert guidance really helped us have a smooth sailing.”
  • Who are your clients?
    We work with American and Canadian residents of all ages, ethnicities, sexual preferences and backgrounds.
  • What types of travel do you offer?
    We specialize in two types of trips which enable us to concentrate on being the best in our field at what we do. Cruises bookings for individuals and groups Motorcoach tour bookings for individuals and groups
  • What travel services do you handle?
    For those who purchase their trip through us, we are available to assist with: Pre- and post-cruise and tour hotel packages Local tours and excursions Travel insurance Concierge services*
  • I’m used to planning my own trips. What steps do you handle?
    We can provide as little or as much planning assistance as you need; from finding the perfect cruise or tour to arranging for that special on-board celebration -- and everything in between. As one client said, we “provided extraordinarily thoughtful guidance from the start to the finish.”
  • What steps are involved in booking a cruise or tour with your agency?
    When working with us for the first time, we ask that you first complete a brief preliminary Quote Request form so we can see what you are looking into. That allows us to initially determine if we can assist you. Next, we schedule a complimentary phone consultation which typically lasts about a half hour, depending on the needs of the call. During this time, we better flesh out what your needs and interests are and if we are the best agency to accommodate your request. This consultation offers an opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine if we are mutually a good fit. Assuming we are moving forward, a Client Agreement form is sent to you. Upon receipt of the signed form and a $50 per household First Time Client Fee, we will begin working on your trip.
  • Do you have planning or booking fees for vacation bookings?
    No. Other than our First Time Client Fee, we do not normally have planning or booking fees for cruise or tour vacations. We do occasionally have minimal fees for our comprehensive concierge services.
  • Do you have planning or booking fees for group leader requests?
    No. By the end of our complimentary phone consultation, we will create a plan for what is expected and the research to be done. If the research is extensive, a nonrefundable Good Will Deposit may be required. This deposit is applicable toward your trip. Our First time Client Fee does not apply to group participants.
  • How far in advance should I book my trip?
    We suggest individuals book your cruise as early as possible-- usually 6-12 months in advance -- to best obtain your preferred cabin type and location. By booking your cruise or tour as early as possible, you avoid disappointment and obtain the best early pricing. As we monitor prices, we can often have a booking repriced if a better promotion later becomes available. It’s the best of both worlds! However, we also recognize that sometimes people get an unexpected opportunity to travel on shorter notice. With some flexibility, we are often able to obtain reservations on a month or two’s notice due to cancellations. Group leaders generally book nine to 18 months in advance, depending upon the type of group. We are happy to have a group specialist work with you to determine the best timing option for your specific group.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    All of our travel suppliers have mandatory payment requirements. Providing we are meeting their obligations, we will accept intermediary minimum payments of $100. Your last credit card used is your “credit card on file.” To make a payment, simply email us with the amount to be charged. Final payment due dates vary by travel supplier with 90 days prior to the trip being an average.
  • Are passports or other documents required?
    If traveling outside the United States, a passport book is required regardless of the traveler’s age. Oftentimes, the passport must be valid for six months past your expected return date. While there are some Western Hemisphere cruising exceptions to the passport, an emergency could arise causing you to incur considerable expenses if you do not have a passport book. Visas or tourist cards could be required for travel to some countries. Pregnant women may need a letter from their physician stating how far along they are as women must not be past their 24th week at the end of a trip.
  • Is travel insurance available?
    Yes. In fact, we encourage all of our clients to purchase travel insurance. We feel insurance is important enough that our own agents will not travel without it. Travel insurance offers emergency health care outside the U.S. which is usually not covered by personal health insurance or basic Medicare. We’ve seen emergency medical evacuation (“medevac”) devastate a family financially. Travel insurance includes this. It can also reimburse you for your trip cost if an emergency arises which necessitates your having to cancel your trip.
  • Do you charge cancellation fees?
    Each of our travel suppliers has a cancellation policy. We also have minimal cancellation fees. Fees vary by trip. Our fees are covered by third party travel insurance companies if a claim is paid because cancellation is due to a covered reason.
  • Do you have any theme cruises?
    Theme cruises and tours are much more prominent now than ever in the past. They touch on various subjects like culinary, the arts, photography and music to name some examples. Not only are we able to book our valued clients into many of these options, but we also now have our own Flavors & Fun foodie cruises in response to our clients’ repeated requests for sailings with added unique food and beverage opportunities.
  • If I put a group together, can I get a discount or extra perks on my cruise?"
    Yes. We can often arrange extra amenities for a group of as few as 10 people. It normally only takes 16 people to start earning credit toward your trip. Inviting friends and relatives to join you creates an even more fun trip and is a win-win for everyone! Our group specialists are happy to discuss details with you whether you are organizing friends, family, a fundraiser or organization.
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