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Our “Top 8” Places to Visit When Cruising to Barbados

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

The only thing I find disappointing about cruising to Barbados is that it’s not on more cruise itineraries. Located in the southeastern part of the Caribbean, it’s too far to be reached on a seven-day sailing from Florida. You need to hop on a ship in San Juan or go for a longer cruise from the continental U.S.

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There’s plenty to see and do in Barbados with its white sand beaches, blue ocean water, welcoming people, delicious Bajan food, great shopping, and considered the birthplace of rum. There's more than enough to choose from when cruising in for a day or staying for longer on the island. I've pulled together eight top picks based on my personal experience and feedback from our clients who have cruised to Barbados.

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Our suggested 8 attractions to consider visiting when you have a day in Barbados:

  1. Harrison’s Cave – During your 20-25-minute tram ride, you will pass by stalactites and stalagmites, underground streams, pools and a 40-foot waterfall which plunges into a lagoon. You’re guaranteed to be wowed by this natural wonder.

  2. Flower Forest – Fifty-three beautiful acres of paths through lush vegetation. Stroll through flowers and trees including a seven-acre wild garden for intoxicating views and wonderful photography opportunities.

  3. Mount Gay Rum – This rum factory offers a choice of five tours ranging from $15 – $70. Learn about the history and heritage (and even how to pair rum!) with one of these activities- Signature Rum Tour, Super Premium Rum Tasting Tour, interactive Cocktail Tour, Rum & Food Pairing Tour, or their Live Station Bajan Buffet Lunch Tour.

  4. Farley Hill – The hilltop mahogany tree-filled grounds overlooking the Atlantic coast are breathtaking, making it a comfortable and beautiful spot to explore nature. Even the mansion, once regal but later destroyed in a fire serves as a backdrop for an area to be explored. Officially designated by HM Queen Elizabeth II as a national park prior to Barbados gaining independence from Britain, the house had been used in filming Island in the Sun in 1957.

  5. Barbados Wildlife Reserve – Located across from Farley Hill, the reserve is filled with indigenous animals. Some can be more obviously seen while others are more likely to be found if you walk slowly, quietly, and look for them in their habitat. The most popular of the inhabitants are the popular green monkey.

  6. Earthworks Pottery – Unique, rustic locally crafted pottery on display and available for purchase. Visit and chat with one of the many potters employed in this scenic location overlooking the harbor. This appeals to those who enjoy the art of pottery, meeting with local artisans or are interested in building your collection of unique dinnerware and other stoneware.

  7. The Boatyard on Browne’s Beach One of the best of many terrific beach options in Barbados and located only a 25-minute walk or a 5-minute cab ride from the cruise ships. White sandy beach with calm water offering a ton of water sports and activities. There is a restaurant and bar for your convenience.

  8. Bridgetown – Enjoy the one-mile walk to downtown Bridgetown. Along the way, take in the views, do some shopping, notice the local culture and people. Street markets are a wonderful way to people watch so slow down, relax and enjoy the moment. Have lunch in one of the excellent restaurants along with a local Banks Brewery beer or a drink made from one of the island’s rums.

Let’s get busy planning your cruise day in Barbados!

Happy Traveling!


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