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Reap the Most Benefits with Celebrity Cruise's Early Cabin Access

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

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Yay! Celebrity put an end to carrying your tote bags, backpacks and purses around the ship during those first hours onboard. I always felt like I was visiting rather than vacationing when schlepping that stuff around the ship.

If all goes smoothly with Homeland Security (or the government of your embarkation country), you may be on your Celebrity Cruises’ ship as early as 11am or shortly afterward.

But if you are an experienced cruiser, you know that ship cabins usually aren’t ready until 1pm or shortly afterward. That means an hour or two tethered to your stuff. Dragging it with you on elevators, up steps and through the buffet. Changing into your “pool clothes” in a public bathroom and stowing your stuff by the lounge chair you found at the pool. Dealing with the weight over your shoulder as you try to explore the ship.

Squeezing an Extra Hour or Two into Your Vacation

Last year, Celebrity began offering early access to your cabin in order to drop off your luggage and truly “let the fun start!” I want to share with you what you need to know so you can fully enjoy this feature along with some ideas for taking advantage of your new freedom from hauling your luggage around.

Until your cabin is fully prepared, there will be a “Room in Progress” on the door. Your cabin or suite will have been cleaned, but not prepped with all documents and items. The last details to be loaded into your cabin are gifts and notices (i.e. dining assignments, order confirmations, papers). Once your cabin is fully ready, the sign will be removed from your cabin door.

While the cabin preparation is still in progress, you can access your cabin to drop off your luggage, change clothes and take photos before your cabin has the “lived in” look.

Lock up your cash, credit cards, jewelry and identification in your cabin safe.

You should not linger in your cabin while its preparation is still in progress as your cabin steward is trying to quickly finish his/her cabins.

Take advantage of not having to lug your bags around:

Explore the ship!

Have lunch!

Go for a drink!

Relax by the pool!

Make any needed dining and spa reservations!

Elevators can be backed up during embarkation, particularly since people are boarding with their hand luggage that takes space in the elevator. Now that you’ve dropped off your luggage, consider taking the stairs if you are able. After all, you’re not dragging your luggage and those steps now will help alleviate dessert guilt later.

A Celebrity Cruises' Sales Rep's Top Two Tips

I asked our Celebrity Cruises sales rep for her biggest advice for our clients regarding the early cabin access. She offered:

  • “Don’t be concerned if gifts and notices aren’t in the cabin until the “Room in Progress” sign is off the door.”

  • “Go have lunch, meet with anyone you have to connect with for reservations and explore the modern luxury of your ship.”

Go…. Have fun…. Get started on that vacation as soon as you can board your ship!

Happy Traveling!


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