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The Ultimate Fun Foodie Cruise Experience Aboard Celebrity Equinox: Sip, Savor & See Adventures

Updated: May 21

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Our “foodie” cruise aboard Celebrity Equinox is crafted by two professionals who want to use food and beverages as ingredients to create exceptional memory-building group vacations.

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Chef Mike McCurdy and Connie George, your group escorts.

How Sip, Savor & See Adventures’ Foodie Cruise Came Together and Why We’re Passionate About this New Group

Chef Mike and I created our dream for you--- down-to-earth, fun, foodie additions to enhance your vacation by using food and beverages to connect our group’s participants with the people, cultures, and history of the regions we visit. We want to enhance your already wonderful cruise through sight, smell, taste, touch, and even sound.

I became acquainted with Chef Mike as a regular participant and helper on a cruise group I worked with and escorted for over ten years. We participated in and led some hands-on food-related excursions for this group. We’ve often reminisced and laughed over the memories of those excursions and shipboard experiences.

Mike is a retired professional chef with over 20 years of work in the food industry and a chef educator still actively conducting in-person and online demonstrations. Before this, he was in the travel industry, working for airlines and travel agencies until he was 35 when he went to culinary school, ultimately receiving degrees in both Culinary and Pastry Arts. A world traveler, Mike has always enjoyed learning about the local culture and cuisine wherever he happens to be. Among his favorite travel activities are visiting a local produce market, winery, or farm.  


I’ve been a travel consultant for over 40 years, including working on groups from 5 cabins to over 500 guests. I feel that life is about relationships. Sometimes those relationships are only short connections lasting minutes. My favorite travel memories center on experiences involving interactions with locals, many of which involved an aspect of food or beverage, whether it was sharing a sad-looking but cherished orange with a non-English speaking train conductor with a sincere invitation to share it. Or learning about the history and importance of chocolate in ancient Mayan culture.


"Eat at a local restaurant tonight. Get the cream sauce. Have a cold pint at 4 o’clock in a mostly empty bar. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Listen to someone you think may have nothing in common with you. Order the steak rare. Eat an oyster. Have a negroni. Have two. Be open to a world where you may not understand or agree with the person next to you but have a drink with them anyways….. Enjoy the ride." -Anthony Bourdain

We both felt that many of our most memorable and fun travel activities had us digging deeper into the local food experiences.

With a growing friendship and the realization that our values were aligned, we often talked about how we would like to put together cruises and tours highlighting culinary experiences.


The more we talked, the more we wanted to start “foodie” groups. However, we’d joke, “Not Michelin Star restaurant foodie groups, but more like Anthony Bourdain-ish foodie groups.” We both appreciated Bourdain’s approach to food, drink, and people in his travel show, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. He was about connecting to people and places and often used food as the catalyst. This is what we wanted to create: those opportunities.

We want to allow you plenty of free time to enjoy your vacation in the ways you want, but to have special events included and optional add-ons that elevate your vacation.

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You’re Invited to our Inaugural Sip, Savor & See Adventure Cruise Aboard Celebrity Equinox

We are excited to announce our first group will be on Celebrity Cruises’ ship, Celebrity Equinox. This December 7-14, 2024, cruise will sail roundtrip from Cape Canaveral, Florida to St. Maarten, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

There will be five exclusive private events on the ship consisting of a welcome cocktail party, two demonstrations with tastings held by Equinox’s Executive Chefs, a lunch in the specialty restaurant, Tuscan Grille or similar, and a ship Behind-the-Scenes Tour.

There will also be optional excursions in the ports that will be private for our group. Of course, the themes will be culinary and fun!

And surprises!  We want to exceed expectations and to treat our first Sip, Savor & See Adventures guests to unexpected extras.

Our prices are inclusive. We’re working with Verandah and higher categories. As well as everything mentioned above except those optional excursions, our rates also include all shipboard beverages on the Celebrity’s Classic Beverage Package, 1 Wi-Fi device per person, and prepaid gratuities. All this for a week, starting at only $1523 per person based on double occupancy plus tax for a stateroom with your private verandah.

“I’m really excited that Connie has taken our many conversations about travel, food and culture to the next level by offering the inaugural Sip, Savor and See Adventure cruise.” --Chef Mike


For More Information and to Join this First Adventure

Book early to avoid disappointment. We have to limit participation for this trip and expect it to sell out.

Click here to read more details about this special cruise event. Or, if you feel you know all you need to at this point, click here to submit a no-obligation request for a rate quote.

We’d love to have you join us!


Happy Traveling!


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