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Confession from a Doting Galápagos-Specialist Travel Agent Granddaughter

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

two baby sea lions on black rocks on a galapagos island

I have a confession that I've only shared with a handful of people. I am lousy at games. Especially any kind of trivia. And especially if having the "fastest response" is required.

I'm particularly horrible at the TV game show, Jeopardy! If you aren't familiar with it, the show is packed with facts that they present to you as an answer. Then three people vie for being the fastest one to "answer" with the relevant question. Here's a sample of the format:

Sample question: "What career involves planning people's trips including finding extra value for them, knowing the needed details for a smooth trip, and being their advocate if there is an issue?"

Answer: "What is a travel agent?"

Okay, I would have known that one. But generally speaking, you don't want me on your trivia game team at a party.

I have strengths, but I don't watch Jeopardy since trivia isn't one of them. Though, surprisingly, I do have a fond memory when I think of the show. As a child, I enjoyed sitting in my grandparents' family room while my grandfather would watch Jeopardy after dinner.

Pop-Pop knew most of the answers, and especially for that reason, I knew my Pop-Pop was one of the smartest people in the whole world!

So watching Jeopardy gets me a bit frustrated since I know very few answers. And even if I do know the answer (err, question??), I can't spit it out of my mouth quickly enough.

BUT the show also brings me a smile when thinking of my grandfather.

field of green, light pink and dark pink flowers, blue sky, quote I love those random memories that make me smile

My mom called me one evening, "Watch Jeopardy tonight. It's got old segments of Alex Trebek from when he was traveling around the world, and this one has him in the Galápagos. I know you do a lot with Galápagos and thought you'd like it."

She's right. I run a Facebook group for people interested in cruising to the Galápagos, write blogs about it, and love helping clients to get their memorable experience there.

So, with more excitement than I would generally muster up for this task, I flipped on a rerun of an "Around the World with Alex" episode of Jeopardy. I tuned in as the game started that showed "Galápagos Wildlife" in the last column. It was the last column that the contestants attacked. You can see the segment here.

I knew all five answers! And quickly! My career helped me excel in a column on Jeopardy.

Thank you, Pop-Pop. I know you were smiling down on me. Hugs to you and Nanny.

Happy Traveling!


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